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Intelligent Trailer Management Designed to Keep you Moving

Spireon’s customer centric, trailer management solution includes a full array of customizable trailer and asset trackers and sensors. Our products are designed to capture real time data and translate it into actionable business intelligence to boost your fleet productivity and increase your bottom line. Track any asset type including containers, chassis, flatbeds, tankers, reefers, and converter dollies. Data can be viewed via Spireon’s FleetLocate UI, integrated into your company API for ease of use, or through our driver app, TrailerView, which allows drivers to see their location as well as the trailer’s. A variety of configurations are available for your specific needs including composite nose dry van / sheet & post, tethered / untethered installations, and battery / solar powered devices.

Flex Product Suite

Modular Trailer & Asset Tracking

The industry’s first modular trailer tracking solution keeps your trailers and assets moving, increases your profitability, and protects your trailer from theft. Plus, increase driver efficiency and retention with the new driver app, TrailerView, which lets your drivers quickly see both their location and the empty trailer’s. .


The New Flex Battery Tracker

Long-Lasting Battery Tracker for Unpowered Assets The Flex Battery Tracker sets a new standard with increased durability, extended battery life, and advanced theft prevention measures for unpowered assets such as trailers, equipment, containers, and more.


Flex™ 2

Covert Trailer Tracking Flex 2 is a covert, modular GPS tracking solution designed for a variety of trailer types including dry-vans, chassis, flatbeds, liftgates, reefers, and tankers.


Flex™ 2+

Solar Powered GPS Tracking Device with All-In-One Integrated Cargo Sensor Option

Get the powerful and customizable benefits of the Flex 2, with a built-in solar power panel to extend the life of your device. For ultimate trailer optimization, get the all-in-one Flex 2+, which has an integrated cargo sensor that utilizes the industry’s only combination of time-of-flight laser and optical recognition. Track your assets and have 99% confidence whether your trailer is loaded or unloaded.

smart diagnostics

Full Suite of Smart Sensor Add-Ons

  • Customize your trailer tracking solutions with various wired and wireless sensors including door sensor, IntelliScan cargo sensor, PSI ATIS, PSI TMPS, and temperature probe.

Introducing IntelliScan

Explore IntelliScan™ ProView Volumetric & Visual Cargo Sensing

A New Perspective on Trailer Capacity Precise volumetric fill and available floor-space percentage to help you use every trailer’s full capacity, increase backhaul opportunities, and move more cargo with the trailers you have today.

intelliscan 1

Industry-leading Cargo Load Status Accuracy

Each ProView has advanced proprietary machine learning and optical recognition technology, producing the highest accuracy in the industry. The sensor detects a trailer’s load status with 99% accuracy. Plus, it delivers “percent full” and “percent of available floor space” readings that make it easy for carriers to see open space in their trailers for additional backhaul opportunities and more revenue.


Image Capture from Rear of Trailer

Each ProView cargo sensor is mounted in the trailer’s rear, giving you a more complete visual picture of your cargo. Timestamped images from inside the trailer are available for download.


Efficient Drivers

With accurate load status reporting, you can ensure a trailer is empty before scheduling a pickup, eliminating wasted driver time and improve driver retention. With our free add-on, TrailerView, drivers see the exact GPS location of their next assigned trailer, helping them navigate crowded yards.


Track and Manage Trailers Easily

ProView is paired with the Flex 2+ GPS-tracking device to help deliver ultimate trailer optimization. See exactly where each of your trailers are at any time through FleetLocateTM, Sprieon’s easy-to-use user interface. Only need load status reporting? Check out Flex 2+, our all in one tracking device that includes IntelliScan cargo load status reporting.

TrailerView Mobile App

See Exact GPS Location of Drivers and Trailers with Pinpoint Accuracy

Save drivers the headache of searching for empty trailers. The free driver app, TrailerView, allows drivers to see their and the trailer’s exact GPS location with pinpoint accuracy. Save time and keep drivers happy with this free add-on to FleetLocate.


Stop Playing Hide & Seek with Trailers

Help drivers navigate crowded yards and get back on the road. Using ultra-sensitive GPS technology, TrailerView from Spireon lets drivers instantly see the exact location of empty trailers, and guides them straight to their assigned asset. Drivers can also search for an asset, use the interactive satellite map, and check trailer load status Spireon’s IntelliScan cargo sensor – all right at their fingertips.

● Save Time and improve fleet efficiency

● Keep drivers happy and increase retention

● Get it FREE as an add-on to FleetLocate


Consultative Trailer Management

Think of us as your own personal trailer management consultant. We’ll help you increase corporate profitability by reducing operational costs & optimizing key data functions.

● Dedicated Spireon Operations Analyst: Reallocate your limited resources to more important duties while your dedicated Spireon operations analyst helps optimize various trailer management tasks including reporting and analytics.

● Monthly device health reporting Get a monthly snapshot of your trailer fleet’s overall health, as well as historical context. If your dedicated operations analyst sees areas for improvement, you will be provided tips and actionable corrective steps.

● Aggregate data comparisons analysis Receive quarterly benchmark reports. Better understand your business’ weaknesses and improve operations by benchmarking yourself against successful industry fleets nationwide.

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