Two-Way Radios for Security

Voice and Video Communications that Improve Security Operations and Safety
Hytera is the leader in rugged and reliable voice and video communications for security professionals. Hytera provides Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) radios with nationwide coverage and DMR two-way radios for mission-critical applications.
Hytera Radios for Security Professionals

Two-Way Radios for Security

Whether you are a security guard on patrol or a dispatcher coordinating incident responses, Hytera US Inc has rugged two-way radios that support voice and video communications to help you manage fast responses, collect video evidence, and keep employees safe. Hytera US Inc provides reliable radio solutions to security professionals nationwide:
  • Security Patrols and Alarm Response
  • Personal Security
  • Concerts, Sports, and Large Events Security
  • Commercial, Retail, and Residential Security

Two-Way Radios Built for Security Professionals

Security professionals demand high-quality and rugged radios that are reliable during critical situations. Hytera two-way handheld and mobile radios are built for security and packed with features that improve security operations and safety.
  • Rugged MIL-STD compliant and IP67 and IP68 Rated
  • Built-in HD cameras for video calling and sharing images
  • Noise cancellation for clear audio in noisy environments
  • Easy-to-use with one-button push to talk
  • Compact radios and earpiece accessories for discrete operations
  • Built-In GPS for patrol dispatching and location tracking
  • Lithium Polymer batteries last 24 hours on a single charge
Hytera Radio for Security
Radio Solutions for School Campuses Large and Small

Designed for Security Guard Safety

Security professionals face many safety challenges, and worker injuries cost companies millions of dollars per year.  Hytera radios provide features that help keep security guards safe and on the job.
  • One-touch emergency call button and automated alarms for man down and lone worker
  • Radios with integrated GPS help locate the person who has issued the alarm
  • Dispatchers can clear radio channels in an emergency and interrupt existing calls with important emergency information

Push-to-Talk over Cellular for Security Professionals

HORIZON Nationwide Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) Network provides wide-area coverage using the campus Wi-Fi network and 4G/5G/LTE cellular networks and campus Wi-Fi networks. This enables both facility-wide coverage and student transportation communication and dispatching.
HORIZON features a powerful dispatching application that provides instant group calling and individual calling along with GPS location tracking of school buses, maintenance teams, and security patrols.
Hytera PoC devices include light-weight easy to use devices, mobile radios for vehicles, and smart devices that run education apps.
Horizon Brochure
The HORIZON nationwide Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) platform
Hytera DMR Radios

DMR Two-Way Radios for Security

DMR is the Digital Mobile Radio standard with millions of users worldwide. Hytera DMR radios are known by educators everywhere for their value, reliability, and performance..
Hytera US Inc offers a wide range of DMR radios to provide the right solution for your school communications, from cost-effective DMR radio-to-radio solutions for small schools, to the next-generation professional H-Series DMR radios and DMR Trunking Systems for larger campuses and school districts.
  • Cost-effective and reliable communications
  • Rugged and durable with excellent audio quality
  • Wide variety of features and models
  • Long battery life and extended coverage range