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MBR-400 DMR Digital Pocket Radio

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The Maxon MBR-400 is a simple and compact digital business radio perfect for restaurants, supermarkets, and retail stores. Pocket sized, it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and can be used with an earpiece (included) or just use its loudspeaker audio. With a built-in antenna and unobtrusive swivel belt clip, you will be able to act freely and barely notice you are wearing a radio as you communicate to the rest of your co-workers throughout your day. DMR Digital audio ensures your conversations are loud and clear.

Product Highlights

  • Palm-Sized (85mm(H) x 50mm(W) x 21mm(D))
  • Comes with “C” Style VOX Headset, Swivel Belt Clip, & Charging Stand
  • 16 DMR Digital Channels, 1 Zone
  • UHF Business Band Radio (440-470 MHz)
  • Over the Air Program Cloning to other radios
  • VOX (Hand’s-free use)
These features can be adjusted with the MBR-400 Consumer CPS program available for purchase.
• Channel & Frequency Changes based on 89 common Jobsite Frequencies in DMR and Analog
• Programmable Buttons
• Tone (Beep) Control
• Encryption Mode (AES256)
Additional MBR-400 features below can be enabled with your local Maxon dealer’s CPS Software:
• Channel & Frequency Changes
• Mixed Channel Operation (Analog reception in Digital Mode)
• Encryption Mode (AES256)
• Scan Mode
• Time-Out Timer (TOT)
• Remote Check & Monitor
• Remote Radio Stun / Revive (Disable Target Radio)
• Lone Worker (Safety Feature)
• Emergency / Siren (Programmable Key)
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MA-400L - Rapid Desktop Charger w/ USB-C Cord

MA-400C - USB-C Cord (w/Wall Plug)

MA-406L - 6 Unit Gang Charger for the MBR-400 Series


MA-819X - "C" Style Earhook Speaker w/Lapel Mic/ PTT


MA-40BC – Swivel Belt Clip

MA-LANYD - Wrist Lanyard for Radio


ACC-MBR - Programming Software 12.5 kHz Only

ACC-MBRC - Programming Software for Consumer Version Only

ACC-3320E - Programming Cable You

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Quick Start Guide - Download HERE

User Manual - Download HERE

Retail Spec Sheet - HERE