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push-to-talk over cellular

  • Hytera Halo is a push to talk over cellular (POC) radio that utilize cellular lte and wi-fi networks for nationwide coverage.
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DMR Two-Way

Digtal RAdios

  • Hytera is the leader in DMR two-way radios with the best audio quality, farthest range, and the longest lasting batteries on the market!
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Radio Accessories

  • Hytera features a wife variety of accessories to fit any industry needs.  In addition to making radios more user feiendly and increase productivity.
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Radio for Education
As a provider of radio communications solutions, Hytera US Inc offers industry-leading two-way radios, professional radio infrastructure, high-performance system applications, and a wide range of accessories. Our broad and scalable product portfolio enables customized communication solutions for small businesses and nationwide applications.
Discover why thousands of companies and organizations across the US rely on Hytera for dependable, secure, and high-value radio communication solutions.