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The Hytera PNC560 is a Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) radio and handheld smart device designed for nationwide business operations and remote workforce communications.
PNC560 Highlights

The PNC560 is supported on the Hytera HALO Nationwide PoC subscription based service, on the Hytera HALO OnSite customer owned PoC system, the HALO Bridge Radio over IP Gateway, and the Hytera HALO Connect unified PoC and LMR platform. The PNC560 is also supported on Hytera HALO Dispatch, a powerful web-based group communications and location tracking application.

PNC560 Key Features

NATIONWIDE COVERAGE · National wide-area communication with mobile LTE cellular connectivity

BUILT-IN WI-FI · Built-in 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi supports in-building communications with seamless switching to LTE networks when outside Wi-Fi range

INSTANT GROUP AND INDIVIDUAL CALLING · Dedicated Push-to-Talk button initiates instant voice or video calls to groups or individuals

INDUSTRY-LEADING AUDIO QUALITY · AI-Based digital noise cancellation, echo reduction, wind noise cancellation, and feedback howling reduction for excellent voice quality in loud environments

THREE HIGH-DEFINITION CAMERAS · Three separate high resolution cameras, including a screen facing, wide-angle camera, and two rear-facing cameras with telephoto and wide-angle lenses

VIDEO CALLING · Supports user-initiated video calls and sharing high-resolution images with the Hytera HALO Dispatch application and other PoC devices

TEXT AND AUDIO MESSAGING · Send, receive, and view text messages between dispatcher and other Hytera PoC devices.  Record and send audio messages

DUAL SIM · Dual SIM cards provide ability for two network data plans

BUILT-IN BARCODE SCANNER · Built-in infrared scanner head reads 1D and 2D barcodes and QR codes in milliseconds from up to two feet away.  Optional Android Application Package (APK) for integrating the scanner functionality with other applications. Supports barcode scanning and logistics applications

LONG-LIFE BATTERY · Powerful 5,040mAh Lithium-Ion Polymer battery delivers up to 15 hours of continuous operation and supports quick charging by desktop charger and USB

RUGGED AND DURABLE · Compliant with MIL-STD-810-G for shock and vibration, and IP68 rated for complete water and dust resistance

GPS POSITIONING · GPS enables real-time tracking and positioning for the Hytera HALO Dispatch application

ERGONOMIC DESIGN · Ergonomic design with easy-access buttons

6.3 INCH TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY · Large screen enables multiple simultaneous operations. Supports wet hand and glove touch interaction, and provides clear display in bright sunlight

POWERFUL DEVICE ENGINE · QualComm 8-core platform provides stable and smooth multi-task operations

ANDROID 12 OPERATING SYSTEM · Supports the latest Android OS business apps for, inventory management, security

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